2019 Entrepreneur in Residence

Sergio Monsalve

Monsalve, a venture partner at Norwest Venture Partners in Palo Alto, has been a successful founder/entrepreneur, technology product manager and operator at companies including eBay, Paypal and various other startups.

He is actively involved as an investor and/or board member in several relevant edtech and “future of work” companies, including Udemy, the leading global online lifelong learning and teaching marketplace with over 19 million students, 20,000 instructors and 96 million course enrollments, Kahoot, a K-12 learning application with over 50 million active users in more than 180 countries, and Adaptive Insights, a financial planning software solution with over 3,500 clients focused on the future of work.

Monsalve has also been an active entrepreneurship mentor at Stanford’s School of Engineering for over five years and is also a repeat member of the Stanford Class of 1993 Reunion Committee this year. He also serves as a Board of Trustees at Harvey Mudd College, a leading undergraduate College for computer science, engineering, and science.

“I’m looking forward to working with the GSE community. Education is an incredibly important part of our rapidly transforming world. Like many areas, education is going through a dramatic evolution. By fostering and helping develop new idea here at my own alma mater, I believe we can make a big impact” Monsalve said.

Monsalve has three teenage children and lives near campus. He was drawn to the position as an entrepreneur, a Stanford alumnus and a parent. He believes that injecting the latest and greatest technologies into the educational world could yield great social impact and benefit many more people in the world in need of education.

He also believes that the future of work is transforming quickly, and education and entrepreneurship can play a big role in helping our future workforce. Ultimately, he is excited about helping spur innovation around lifelong learning.

Profile photo of Sergio Monsalve
Sergio Monsalve, the 2019 EIR.


Courses & Seminars

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education Technology Seminar

How do entrepreneurs, educators, and VC's evaluate and grow successful education and edtech startups? Why do most startups fail, and what are the key ingredients for success? This course will teach you the skills and strategies necessary to effectively evaluate educational services and technology startups much like prospective employees, expert educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and venture capital investors do. Each week, we will invite an executive or entrepreneur from a innovative education technology startup (for-profit & non-profit) as a guest speaker, and we'll evaluate all aspects of their invention.

A fundamental question we'll explore in this course is how educators and technologists can collaborate to improve equity and access to education by leveraging the massive impact technology solutions can provide. Maximum capacity is 30 students; students will be admitted to the course by the professor. Juniors, Seniors and all graduate students are welcome.

Students should complete this brief course interest form at http://bit.ly/educ-295
We will notify all students of their status before the first class on Monday, Sept. 23rd.
Syllabus can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/educ295-syllabus2019

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EDUC 295

Directed Reading

For advanced graduate students. (all areas)

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EDUC 480

Articles & Research

Bridging the Gap: Making an impact in education technology startups with Sergio Monsalve

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Exciting career opportunities exist in some of the most transformational education technology (edtech) startups in Silicon Valley, and many new disruptive edtech products and services are launching at record pace. While these early stage startups and established organizations may have some skilled technical and business talent, we know that they absolutely need the analytical skills, research discipline, learning science, and knowledge that Stanford graduates have. This means that if you are interested in education, you could have an opportunity to shape one of these companies and make an enormous impact early in your career. This discussion is helpful to anyone at Stanford interested in learning more about careers in entrepreneurial companies that use technology to help improve education.

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Sergio Monsalve – 2018 Annenberg Speaker Series

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Sergio Monsalve, venture partner at Norwest Venture Partners, discusses why an entrepreneur is a special kind of leader who possesses unique skills and characteristics. This mindset is essential for all effective leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment. Monsalve defines the entrepreneurial mindset, describe its importance in the context of our future and offer suggestions on how we all can develop it.

Monsalve spoke on March 27, 2018, as part of the Annenberg Leadership and Management Speaker Series at Harvey Mudd College.

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GSE Welcomes Entrepreneur-in-Residence Sergio Monsalve

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In-house entrepreneur looks to share expertise in industry, startups, and employment landscape

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The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are jobs to computerization?

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We examine how susceptible jobs are to computerization. To assess this, we begin by implementing a novel methodology to estimate the probability of computerization for 702 detailed occupations, using a Gaussian process classifier

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New program provides entrepreneurial expertise at Stanford Graduate School of Education

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Sergio Monsalve will lead the new Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, advising faculty and students on innovative projects in education.

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